was born in 1987 retro shoes air Odyssey is one of Nike many classic design in more popular shoes, but with a wave of the first year of the color of the release, also let a person to re - examine the unique charm of this pair of shoes. The latest released the double Black/Grey/White og color and visually by use different gradations of color and texture to create a rich sense of the level, and primary Air-Sole air cushioned sole blessing, but also to ensure that the soft and comfortable Juegan. This color has double OG by Solebox designated retailers purchased, the pricing for 95 euros. source: HYPEBEASTKanye West earlier said will not have Red October as subversive was applied to the new design, but Adidas doesn't seem willing to miss this amazing. The popular Adidas NMR R1 on both si Retro jordans for sale des of the Changjiang River was recently broke the news is expected to wear all red clothes, this not only uses the red Primeknit woven shoes, but also will sign Boost corrosion epicenter bottom and outsole together by red coating, the overall design is quite suction eye, this section will be officially released next year January, are interested in friends may wish to pay more attention to oh. 1.jpg (94.31 KB, download number: 2) download adidas NMD R1 Red October red October 2016-6-23 19:35 Adidas upload, renderings, theme, woven 00Although it is still some time before the effective date of the Korea us free trade agreement (January 1, 2012), the discussion on the impact of the agreement will be in the ascendant in the . According to the relevant contents of the Korea US agreem Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ent, the tariffs on most of the import and export commodities between the United States and Korea will be reduced or withdrawn within 5 years, and other trade barriers will be abolished accordingly. Japan: the Japanese economic circles are said to the agreement concerns that the agreement came into force, the Japanese TV and vehicles will reduce the competitiveness of the goods, resulting in Japan's exports shrank further. If Japan does not promote trade liberalization, the strong South Korean companies will further seize the United States, the world's largest market, the gap between Japan and South Korea enterprises will become more and more disparities. according to the Japanese Ministry of economy projections, due to the increase of the beauty of Korea exports to 2020, Cheap air jordans for sale Japanese companies in the automotive, electrical, electronic and mechanical fields exports to the United States will be reduced by 1 trillion and 500 billion yen, while domestic production value will be reduced by 3 trillion and 700 billion yen. Chinese Taiwan: Taiwan economic research report commissioned by the Ministry of industry pointed out that the U.S. - Korea Free Trade Agreement on Taiwan's export industry the greatest impact is mainly traditional industries, including textile clothing, bicycles, plastic and rubber shoes, which is only 5 categories of imports of textiles and clothing and shoes products 6 products, the United States will therefore reduce the amount of about $840 million, the total output value of Taiwan's textile industry in 2006 6.1%, Taiwan will reduce Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping more than 10 thousand of the employed population. : : Thailand and South Korea are expected to free trade will not have much impact on Thailand, but some parts of the industry, such as clothing and textile industry will be affected. Thailand's exporters of textiles and clothing should be prepared for more intense competition. (Editor: admin) 2009, Xiong Daiyu will come up with 40 million yuan shop "retreat": to develop the domestic market. In fact, in his view, rather than "retreat", it is a challenge and bumpy "re pioneering" road. In December 23, 2008 12 at noon, the winter sun swept away the haze temperature for several days in a row, quiet for a long time in Chengdu Wuhou District Industrial Zone gold route is also beginning to liven up the shoe, on both sides of the cheap foamposites road constantly eating out of the shoe workers, they seem to be laughing and talking, the global financial tsunami did not come. "Bad business done, and think of a good way out is to think of a good retreat."." As the general manager of Chengdu Meilidian Shoes Co., Daiyu bear as well as the workers are still laughing, just talk much little fear of unpredictable situation in 2009. "Last year's output value increased slightly over 2007, but this year?"" This is a heavy question in his mind already again and again at. "alone" behind the ; affected by the global financial crisis, the national footwear industry is in an emergency. Guangdong footwear industry in the first half of 2008 exports of footwear products 1 billion 630 million pairs, compared with the same period last y cheap jordans for sale ear dropped by 15.8%; Fujian, Jinjiang, 90% of the shoe enterprises financing difficulties. Similarly, Chengdu shoe enterprises are also facing severe survival test. Wuhou, Chongzhou, Jintang footwear enterprises orders generally shrink by more than 6, production fell by 30% to 70%, a large number of factories losses, some shoes prices due to funding strand breaks and bankruptcy. in contrast, Chengdu beautiful shoe industry "also had a good"". Xiong Daiyu year in return for a lot of peer envy performance: annual production and sale of about 1000000 pairs of leather high-end women's shoes, output value of nearly 300 million yuan. "Expanded production scale, production capacity has also been improved." Zhou Lecheng, deputy general manager of the company, said some of the orders tha cheap jordans online t had not been received in previous years could have been made last year. The impact on the industry, many shoe enterprises face when the "beautiful An important juncture of life and death," but also "alone", he believes that the reason lies in a considerable part of the order is at the end of 2007 and early 2008 signed, so from the value perspective, "beautiful" showing a contrarian representation. However, behind the boom surface, the lag effect of the global financial crisis has emerged. "Orders for the first quarter of 2009 to thousands of double, Zezheng!" The bear smiled bitterly. Compared to some of the region's already holiday shoes, "beautiful point" more than 1200 workers fortunately, the company's current orders can remain for some time, "but the Spring Festival to allow wor cheap jordans for sale mens kers to play more than a few days."." Orders fell sharply in the first quarter of this year, 90%, compared to the same period in previous years, tens of thousands of pairs of production, the current export-oriented women's shoes enterprises will no doubt face a life and death test. &)In 1999 Tinker Hatfild get inspiration from the X-15 fighter with a great reputation and the launch of the Air in Jordan 15 is undoubtedly the most unique style in the entire Air Jordan series of shoes, the bold design still let the shoes fans amazed. And it was lucky to be part of the Jordan brand's new Take Flight series, which will be back in shelves next spring after seven years. item: 881429-001 release date: January 7thPrice: air-jordan-15-og-stealth-black-red-release-date-1.jpg (64.13 KB, downlo cheap jordan shoes for men ad times: 17) download attachment Air Jordan 15 OG Stealth officially released Upload 08:35 2016-12-22 air-jordan-15-og-stealth-black-red-release-date-4.jpg (88.2 KB, download times: 13) download attachment Air Jordan 15 OG Stealth officially released Upload 08:35 2016-12-22 air-jordan-15-og-stealth-black-red-release-date-6.jpg (56.95 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Air Jordan 15 OG Stealth officially released Upload 08:35 2016-12-22 air-jordan-15-og-stealth-black-red-release-date-2.jpg (46.19 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Air Jordan 15 OG Stealth officially released Upload 08:35 2016-12-22 air-jordan-15-og-stealth-black-red-release-date-3.jpg (47.46 KB, download times: 14) download attachment Air Jordan 0, you guys still have some impre Retro jordans for sale ssions about the Michael Jordan that used to go through and sign CONVERSE some time ago? That's right. The shoes were finally sold out, and the final price was as high as $190373. At the beginning of the auction, the signature shoes are experts expected transaction price will exceed $100000, but I believe that many people will not think that can reach this height, but the final price will undoubtedly make many people be startled at. In the United States, this is almost a new GTR price, although meaningful, but as high as 190373 U. S. dollars price for a pair of shoes is undoubtedly high price. what kind of talent is considered an athlete? In order to answer this question, Nike days ago in Beijing held a Media Sports Camp, to participate in the activities of the people to understand themselves. Nike invited us to participate in this event this Friday at the foot of the Great Wall, originally thought that the new equipment is just to see Nike for the Rio Olympics and build, will be in the best of spirits to set off, to the venue after the discovery of the protagonist in addition to the latest Nike equipment, as well as our own. The Media Sports Camp? Nike launched in the "movement system" equipment, unlimited colorway color shoes and upgraded Nike+ personalized service, I'm afraid you can see on the Nike website, here is not described here, first put some pictures to you with the venue, interested friends can we can pay attention to later follow-up report. today is mainly about how Nike treats us as an athlete. Ordinary people mention "athletes" three words, mind generally will emerge out of that group of people inside the TV to get good grades in the spotlight, but this three days from Nike staff to the coaches have repeatedly stressed that "If you have a body, you are an athlete" in the words of Nike corporate culture this is the famous chicken soup has always been on the sentence does not work very well, but the end of the activity, in front of the keyboard typing I seem to have drunk a bowl of chicken soup. So what does this English stand for? I think if you have a body, you are an athlete "the translation is not vivid (or not, I English) on behalf of it in my eyes is actually on the nature of the three elements of Nike communication. put on the right equipment Chinese there is an old saying "to do good work must first sharpen his tools", since we entered the venue, Nike is assigned to the sports equipment each of us two sets of neat, from shoes and clothes, toiletries and so on, with my colleague's words, "the second half running is not used to buy equipment". Among them, LunarEpic, Flyknit, Low and Pegasus 33 are the latest flagship styles of Nike Running, while Ultrafast Flyknit and Train Force Flyknit are the latest training shoes for Nike Training. You might say that Nike gave us so much equipment is to let me advertise here, but I saw Nike with multiple sets of equipment for the movement to tell me that every sport the corresponding equipment are different. Even if the top gear of a professional athlete looks good, it's important to find the one that suits you, because we took part in the 7k〉 on the second morning