Chuck Taylor is based on youth culture. It is a symbol of youth culture, not a fleeting trend, from the past, the present, and the future. Chuck series shoes have more than a hundred years of history, but still showing a new look. Converse launched the "Forever Chuck" series this February, introducing classic street fashion to a new generation of teenagers, the Converse's first global campaign on behalf of teenagers. The film describes the rich history and bright future of Chuck as a major cultural force, creating a wave of platforms on social networking sites, display, display and e-commerce platforms. Converse officially released the film "Forever Chuck" carrying the Chuck story. As the climax of the entire series, the film salutes young people of new generation who redefine culture and fashion. And director Karim Huu Do uses these Chucks lovers dream and desire, produced a series of vis cheap jordans for sale mens ual material. stars across all fields and each has its own unique charm and popularity. Based on their belief in the value of the Converse brand, they share the fascinating Chuck brand story with the public. Chuck Taylor "as a cultural benchmark, not only has a rich history, will have a bright future. "Converse Julien Cahn said:" marketing Converse Forever Chuck published by the film, can inspire others to formally introduce many leaders, they believe that brand value and the spirit of Converse, also plays an important role to youth culture. "." Forever Chuck characters (arranged in alphabetical order English):Nike's skateboard brand? Nike SB? Recently for shoes? Trainerendor launched a black and silver color, Nike SB Trainerendor in appearance is composed of Nike ACG series Air Magma and Air Trainer's 1 fusion, the special color to gray black suede uppers collocation, and white ink app Retro jordans for sale ears in the bottom overall, low-key yet characteristic, with the sole technology extracted from the Nike SB ski boots, black leather strap collocation to create outdoor shoes make sense, has been listed for $90. news source: hypebeast?In the didas Originals series of NMD type NMD City Sock socks shoes last year brought 2016 but also for the NMD family of different atmosphere, the clean socks, the design has more different styles. new year has continued to launch NMD City, Sock 2 innovation in which let us first look at the shoes, contour remains similar in design, but part of the shoe cylinder lateral side added opening folding design, there is a big V collar, it is more convenient to wear off. Outside the bottom part of the use of NMD R2 without stable block design, make the shoes more neat. The upper part of the Primeknit has more embroidery lines, more interesting and design, look f Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping orward to the day it comes on sale. source: sneakerprophet_Converse Forever Chuck Scenes Chuck from the film the final chapter discuss the runway to the streets are missing, the "Chucks, From the Runway to the Street" to the world's two largest fashion capital of London and Paris pay tribute to explore effect of Chuck Taylor on the global fashion industry. Karim Huu Do in winning producer Winnie Harlow directed, international model to explore the latest fashion trends, it is based on the latest fashion collocation second-hand goods, a dominant figure in the host access, leading the audience into the London and Paris cutting-edge fashion sports world. is a number of leaders of fashion and celebrity Chuck Taylor fans also made a guest appearance, including Gucci Gang, are opinion leaders Paris clothing brand Etudes Studio Jeremy Egry, founder of Colette Sarah Andelman and Dazed magazine cheap jordan shoes for men 's fashion editor Emma Hope. "fashion is one of the most influential cultural movements, as well as the most pure expression of individuality and self-expression. "Converse Julien Cahn said:" the marketing characteristics of Chuck because Taylor has all-match, whether senior or collocation fashion jeans, are the global benchmark symbolic expression of fashion. "." Forever Chuck Scenes explores Chuck Taylor as the classic three core cultural movement: film, Losangeles, culture, and fashion. Each episode captures young people's courage and boldness of confidence in a unique way, which is what the past, the present and the future of Chuck Taylor fans have in common. Dr. Martin Ruud King for human rights fighter commemorating11, Nike began to fixed every year in February launched BHM series from 2008 this year, while Nike BHM salutes the object, there is Theotis Beasley, skateboarders footb Retro jordans for sale all player Kevin Prince Boateng, Jerry Rice, American football player Brianna Rollins, the four track athlete basketball coach C. Vivian and Stringer John Thompson et al., in this year's Nike BHM products revenue will be donated to the Nike Ever Higher fund, to support the charity, let the youth in resource poor regions provide help, and help them to cultivate a new generation of leaders of society. The Nike KD 7 BHM to Hyperposite covered with totem, express the theme in simple and lively color, Nike KD 7 BHM Black History Month '' time to market for sales sites refer to small shoe prospecting help you finish information: / Nike LeBron 12 and listed from KD 7 'BHM' dealers selling information finishing news source: sneakerpolitics texture excellent leather uppers, simple but classic white black, representing four rings of gold lace buckle, accompanied by MJ won his fifth champio Cheap air jordans for sale nship, believe in most of the Jordan fans 12 generation absolutely has played an important role, Jordan Brand plans to make Air Jordan 12 this winter "Taxi" to return to the market, and then moved to let you regain blood, those beautiful memories of the past. Model: listing is expected in December 14th, at $160 dollars, more information please continue to lock the shoe prospecting report. why is this color called Taxi? The source: Guo Cheng, Last time I saw ? Air Jordan 20 is the debut in? Countdown launched the package in 2008, engraved in the history of almost no chance to debut? Air Jordan 20 will meet with you in the next year, to small word Air Jordan 20 is like a texture with art the "Jordan dictionary"? It is the devil shoes, dazzle the eyes felt, using laser technology to 20 years time related data of Jordan himself and occupation career and record as a symbol engraved on the Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping top, and as is the general design of the artwork? Air Jordan 20 in the actual performance is small list in the top of the boots, then no chance through Air? Jordan 20 friends can be engraved by this time to experience the double was caused by the topic of Jordan shoes. news source: sneakerfreaker? prior to May when there was the well-known shop BAIT Trailer in southern California will cooperate with the Saucony to use Grid 9000 to design a double joint style, today finally officially exposure to celebrate their new store opening, use good collocation black, red and white, in contrast to the strong blue, let this pair of Saucony Grid 9000 a high degree of recognition, are interested in prospecting shoe can be in the BAIT online store BAITme, or PYS, of course, if you were in the United States, can also start to California store.Chinese shoes Network October 10 hearing, jeremy scott, I beli cheap foamposites eve we should have this name will not feel strange. This year the number was never mentioned lower than KAWS, Edison, NIGO, Hiroshi Fujiwara and other trendsetters. Last year, I believe he's JS Wings certainly let everyone felt refreshing, but also become a bit brand loyal clergyman who sought by collectors. This time, in 2012, jeremy scott continue with its air strikes everyone JS Wings 2.0, I believe in this bombing spared the people, must be very few. Like friends, you can go to the major department in adidas Originals stores purchased by the line.B restaurant leekai shoe glass was smashed angry workers. Li Kai shoe factory Houjie town of second workers in the workshop at 12 noon to go to work on time, when they came to the factory canteen hungry, but found the food utensils absolutely empty dozen rice aunt said, "the dish is finished, please come earlier next time". When workers cheap jordans for sale are ready to leave, but see the canteen needs to add money to buy food "plus vegetables window" sales hot. The hungry staff will conflict with the canteen, canteen facilities will be smashed into pieces. (Editor: admin)A few days ago, Nike Basketball officially announced the new HTM x NikeLab Kobe 10 Elite Low, while the number of this kind of sale absolutely can not meet the demand at the same time many shoes, the price is too high to believe. Today the shoes custom guest Dank on the network also announced the latest custom shoes, this is the Kobe 10 Elite Low as the design blueprint, and follows the design of the original Kobe 10 Elite Elite Edition, due to the low way to present, the whole lot seemed capable. nike-kobe-10-elite-flyknit-custom.jpg (273.02 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 upload nike-kobe-10-elite-fl cheap jordans online yknit-custom-1.jpg (270.92 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 upload nike-kobe-10-elite-flyknit-custom-2.jpg (678.77 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Team customized version of 2015-4-19 09:58 upload1996, Chinese golden generation national team went to the United States with the Lakers for a summer league. At that time the Lakers sent rookie and role players against the national team 96 golden generation, the scene is very hot, the Lakers home into a lot of chinese. The Chinese team in the field discharge line-up is: sunjun SF, PF Liu Yudong, C Battelle, SG Zhengwu, after opening the PG Li Xiaoyong both sides to fight their gongzhan. Gold generation solid basic skills came to prominence. Despite the offensive and defensive speed soon failure was controlled well, then in place, the tactics of clearness, once to 17 more than 14 lead. Then the Lakers began the General David's half dropped 16 points, the Lakers attack wave 18 than 0 to open the score. This time God grabbed offensive rebounding buckle up the Lakers (see the GIF), Chinese team morale. Then, Hu immediately off the bench, even scoring 3 three points, gradually approaching the score. Half court Lakers lead by 46 to 14 points 60 points. The second half of the Chinese team back, both inside and outside the line of combining scores points repeatedly, but rookie Kobe is unopposed, differential beginning in about 15 minutes. The face of Kobe requests and respond to Hu ares. First Laohu in fast break a record gliding dunk, then God of war and substitute Wang Zhizhi frequently in the inside with a successful, Laohu again hit three points, Chinese team played a wave of 14 4. At the time of more than 7 minutes left in the game only to 74 to 80 behind 6 points. Team USA had to request to suspend, suspend Kobe scored 10 points, the score and be open, the Chinese team conceding. Finally, by 85 105 to nurse a grievance. Although the national team lost the game, but throughout the audience performance, the Chinese team still played a small fast spirit characteristics. And that a session of the national team, basic skills is very solid, Ares in the penalty area and the black big fellow against those technical actions, smart tiger Wang Sunjun sportsmanship, Laohu outside of the murderous look, now the national team's a toughie find close. The game of the national team will perform properly and logically arranged tactics. Deficiency is at that time inside is relatively weak, roughly fledgling somewhat immature, bar of God is far from mature, Shan Tao reaction is too slow, three inside altogether only 8 points, lost the game is not surprising. Technical statistics, the Lakers Kobe scored 36 points, David P 25 points, 5 points, fish. Hu said the national team a team high 30 points (hit 6 record three points), commander of the 22 points, 18 points in the sun. old Hu just play embodies his microwave oven, sunjun breakthrough attract each other more than the player attention after a beautiful turned back, referred to the running to the corner of the Laohu hand, the latter a hand third hit,gold generation transfer of the ball is very good, this is their play a small fast spirit of the protection of style. The second goal, Laohu bottom line break attract sandwiched between perimeter of Mr. Liu, when the Lakers eyes followed the ball landed Mr. Liu on, Laohu already homeopathic run exactly equal angular position. Teacher tacit back pass, Ray Allen CS, the cover is Mr. Liu, the ball is Li Xiaoyong, this is Hu even after playing.